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HI all you crafty DIY Dancers!

It seems like the whole world is already pushing the Christmas crunch– they have already started playing carols nonstop on certain radio stations here in Los Angeles.  Decorations are up all over the city and the majority of stores in Beverly Hills are actually having “pre-black-friday-sales” in anticipation of the big shopping season.   Don’t get me wrong, I adore the Christmas season.  But I can’t help but feel bad for good ole’ Thanksgiving.  It always seems to get lost in the shuffle.

So I devised a easy craft that hopefully will bring some good tidings and cheer to your Thanksgiving celebration.  Here’s the how-to for making sparkly Vintage Turkey Postcards.  My plan is to use these cards at each person’s place setting at Thanksgiving dinner.  Then on the back, each person will write something they are grateful for and after dessert the family can have some fun exchanging the cards and reading out all the things for which we are grateful!

All you need is:

-heavy card stock
-a color printer and computer
– a paper cutter or scissors
– a fine tip glue pen
-assorted colors of glitter

First, search in google images vintage thanksgiving postcards and I guarantee a plethora of unusual and amusing vintage holiday cards will come up.  Save a few of the ones you like to your desktop (I picked 5) and then print them out on the card stock, resizing and arranging them so you can print multiples on one page.  I tend to use Powerpoint to arrange images like this as it allows me to print them in any kind of layout I wish.
Once you have your printed pages, use your paper cutter or scissors to cut out each card.  Then write the directions for their personal “Thanks” on the back of each card.
Next, outline aspects you like on the front of the card with the glue pen.  I try to be selective, the goal is to give each card just a little sparkle and not go crazy with the glitter.  But you can do as much or as little as you please.
Pour the glitter over the glue, making sure you cover completely.  Let dry for few moments before you shake off the access glitter just to be sure it all sticks.
Then set your cards up at each place setting using place card holders or vintage flower frogs.  Hopefully your guests will find their sparkly cards delightful and the process of writing down the things they are most thankful for stimulating and fun.
If you make this craft please post a link with pictures, I’d love to see them!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Written by Heather Toner

Heather Toner

Heather danced with the Mandalone Company, Milwaukee Ballet, Ballet Austin and the California Contemporary Ballet before hanging up her pointe shoes to explore other ventures where eating was more encouraged and her hair need not be in a bun. She has an english degree from UCLA, and is the manager of social media and promotions for The Music Center; Los Angeles’ premier center for the performing arts. When not blogging, tweeting and instagramming about her passion for the arts, Heather enjoys making short films, all kinds of crafting and discovering new artists in the City of Angels.