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Dd will be out in full support: on Sunday night, Stephanie will be there and Monday night, Nicole!  (I am so sad to be missing this but my Sunday and Monday nights are often taken with LEAP class meetings and weekly art critiques in my studio at TAC)

We love that this project was founded by dancer turned choreographer, Emery LeCrone to provide a platform for young dancemakers to show what they are working on.  The showcase is marking its second season at The Manhattan Movement and Arts Center and will feature works by young emerging choreographers: Nicola Curry, Daniel Mantei, Kimi Nikaidoh, and Troy Schumacher, as well as Ms. LeCrone. Dancers from New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theater, among others, will perform.

Click here for tickets. Get them in advance–I am sure it will sell out!

As editors at Dd, we are aiming to push our online conversation by organizing physical events where we can meet and critique and share what we are working on, talk about what is going on in our fields and the art world in general.  The first event will be coming up soon and I sincerely hope these young choreographers will become part of the conversation.  Our mission in spreading our collective wings is not only to help dancers branch out, transition, and grow, but to also help them return to the art form we love and push the boundaries. If you go, please comment on this post and let us know your thoughts about what you have seen and experienced!




Written by Candice Thompson

After more than a decade in Brooklyn, Candice Thompson is now an Atlanta-based artist and writer. Prior to dancing with the Milwaukee Ballet Company and ad hoc Ballet, she trained with Kee Juan Han at the School of Ballet Arizona and NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She founded LOLAstretch Dancewear in 2000 and has designed costumes for a variety of theater and dance companies across the country. She recently received a masters degree in Literary Nonfiction from Columbia University’s Creative Writing Program and more of her dance writing can be found in the pages of Dance Magazine, Pointe, and Dance Teacher.