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Most people I know would call me a food snob. I do not consider this an insult. It’s not that I have to eat gourmet all the time- believe me, I love a pb+j as much as any one- it’s more that I’m a snob about WHERE that pb+j came from….

So many of my friends always question how I can afford to shop organic. The answer is easy- I make it a priority. When I think about all the diseases that are ravaging our world today, I have no qualms about spending a little extra to shop at Whole Foods. Just imagining all the money I would spend down the road on doctors and hospital visits is enough to justify a few dollars more. Not only that, but when you eat whole, clean foods, you are more satisfied so you don’t have to buy as much; you are getting a boat load more nutrients, so pricey supplements and vitamins really aren’t necessary; and you feel great and it shows in your body and attitude. So, yes, initially the price of health might seem a little higher, but in the long run, you are really saving (and I don’t just mean cash)!

A great way to eat local, organic without shelling out at an expensive grocer is to grow it yourself! All you need is a window sill…really! I found this fantastic book called “Don’t Throw It, Grow It” in Montana last summer, and it has changed my world. It shows you exactly how to plant seeds from foods to grow your own produce and anyone can follow the instructions. Happy planting!

Written by Keenan Mclaren

Keenan McLaren is from Boston, MA where she began her ballet training at the age of 8. She trained at the Boston Ballet School for 10 years, and upon graduating from high school, secured a job as an apprentice with Ballet Austin II. After one season in Austin, Keenan then joined Dayton Ballet, where she danced for 5 seasons, performing many principal and soloist roles, as well as had many roles created on her by such choreographers as Christopher Fleming, Gregory Robinson, Steven Mills, Jeffrey Hughes, and Alan Hineline. In the fall of 2010, Keenan moved to Philadelphia to join the newly established BalletFleming, where she had the opportunity to dance many principal roles as well and set and ballet mistress many of Mr. Fleming’s works. For the upcoming season, Keenan is thrilled to be joining Nashville Ballet.
In her free time, Keenan is an avid yogi and yoga teacher, having just completed her training with Baron Baptiste. She is also a huge foodie and loves cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, especially with raw and vegan foods. Keenan also loves photography, particularly black and white film. In 2008, she won a Dance Magazine Photo contest and hopes to one day become a dance photographer.