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{Dd} Exclusive: Morgan Lugo on LA Dance Project’s new home at the Ace Hotel

{Dd} Exclusive: Morgan Lugo on LA Dance Project’s new home at the Ace Hotel

When word got out that a new location of the hipster haven Ace Hotel was opening in downtown Los Angeles, the excitement around town was palatable. When it was later announced that Benjamin Millepied’s West-Coast-based dance troupe LA Dance Project was going to take up residency in the hotel’s interior theater — they maintained the original United...
Dd Response: Get on the Good Foot, A Celebration in Dance

Dd Response: Get on the Good Foot, A Celebration in Dance

Get on the Good Foot: A Celebration in Dance honored the life of James Brown (1933-2006), musician, songwriter, dancer, and the self-declared “Hardest Working Man in Show Business.”
Critical Conversation: A Young Person's Perspective on Hubbard Street 2 and "Harold and the Purple Crayon"

Critical Conversation: A Young Person’s Perspective on Hubbard Street 2 and “Harold and the Purple Crayon”

Lola is a precocious young lady who lives with her family in New York City, She is a third-grade student at the Talented & Gifted School for Young Scholars (M012), and studies dance at The Ailey School and American Tap Dance Foundation.  On Sunday October 6, I was lucky to have Lola accompany me to...

Dd Short Short List for the Week of 10/14

Here is Heather’s rundown of shows on the west coast this week…
An Evening of Film: Fordham Alumni Company's CANNED ART Festival

An Evening of Film: Fordham Alumni Company’s CANNED ART Festival

I never go to the movies. Perhaps it’s because of the sticker shock every time I see the ticket price. It might be because New York City movie theaters have a reputation for bedbug infestation and I, like so many New Yorkers, have a deathly fear of bedbugs.
Complexions Contemporary Ballet & Lula Washington Dance Theater at the Ford Theater

Complexions Contemporary Ballet & Lula Washington Dance Theater at the Ford Theater

It was difficult to talk any of my local friends into going with me to see Complexions Contemporary Ballet and Lula Washington Dance Theater perform last Saturday at the Ford Theater in Hollywood.  Not because they weren’t interested, but everyone was either out of town, working, or already committed to another show.

The National Choreographer Initiative – 10 Years Strong

National Dance Day (which happened on July 27th)  is meant to be a day in which we celebrate the art of movement, and each year, it seems to me that the celebration gets bigger and better. In downtown Los Angeles, producer Nigel Lythgoe and director Adam Shankman had teamed up with The Music Center and...
Dd Response: Los Angeles Ballet's Balanchine Red

Dd Response: Los Angeles Ballet’s Balanchine Red

The curtain fell on Los Angeles Ballet’s 7th season amidst the bright syncopations of Igor Stravinsky’s Capriccio for Piano, and with it, the patrons surrounding me rose to their feet – giving a standing ovation richly deserved for this rapidly emerging company.

Dd Response: Traces at the LA Music Center

If you ever fancied the notion to run away and join the circus, 7 Fingers would be the cool option to consider. The Montreal based circus troupe, established in 2002, fuses aerial arts, acrobatics, music, street art, video, song, and even sketching to create a playful, urban version of big top entertainment that was humorously...

Los Angeles Ballet’s Balanchine Gold

The Los Angeles Ballet is now in it’s 7th season, but even their most hardened dancers are only in their 4th. The company began with a high turnover rate, limited repertoire, a series of weak performances, and an uncertain future. However, it seems they’re finally finding their footing with the launch of the Balanchine Festival –...

LA’s Rite of Spring Symposium

Last month, I had the distinct pleasure of being able to tell my hipster friends that I couldn’t join them for lunch because I was going to be at a ballet symposium all day. This symposium was a follow up (or introduction, depending on your tickets) to Joffrey’s performance of The Rite of Spring at...

LA’s Rite: Joffrey Ballet’s Performance of the The Rite of Spring

Three couples danced with elegance and measured emotion, before the lighting changed and Victoria Jaiani and Fabrice Calmels stepped up to amaze Los Angeles, dancing a captivating pas de deux, with a deeply sensitive and hypnotic quality. As it ended, Calmels pulled an arched Jaiani gently and devastatingly slowly into his arms as the spotlight...

Axis Dance Company at the LA Special Arts Festival

If a truly great piece of dance is supposed to change how you think about the art form, and actually cause you to reconsider how you perceive movement, then Axis Dance Company may be one of the most artistic companies running.  The standards of dance and how we think about contemporary movement are brought to...

Response to National Ballet of Canada’s Alice in Wonderland US Premiere

I don’t normally expect much from an LA audience, but found myself thoroughly impressed with the excitement surging through the seats of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion this past Friday night.  There were gasps, abundant laughter, and little shrieks of delight coming from the audience as we watched the US premiere of Christopher Wheeldon’s new Alice...

A Response to the National Choreographer’s Initiative

As we cruised down the 405 freeway, my husband and I were hit with an onslaught of horrible traffic just before the University of Irvine exit.  We joked that all of those people sitting impatiently in the cars around us must be going to the National Choreographers Initiative Performance. But as it turns out, a portion of them...