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Tammi Takes Thailand

…and Cambodia, Bali, Malaysia, Laos, Burma, and Japan! Just a small taste of my travels. I have many posts to share when I return! For now, you can see what I’ve been up to these past three weeks over at Summer of Tammi.  

Camera: Instant Hip Factor

Candice has been inspiring me to use a new iPhone app recently. She’s been sharing her weekly ice cream goodness, and I decided to use a morning walk by the beach to utilize the innovative Hipstamatic and Instagram apps on my iPhone.  

Nikon 3100–Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

On a recently sunny weekend, I ventured into Brooklyn to visit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. It was sunny, not-too-packed, and simply wonderful. I got to use the aperture priority setting and had some fun experimenting. Enjoy and go visit when the sun decides to return.

Camera: Week 3

I received a ‘Flat Mary‘ this week and took her in to Ballet Tech with me. I had the boys “teach” Mary their favorite ballet step. It was a great way for them to remember the names of the movements and was  a fun little project for us. The lighting wasn’t great in the studio....


Headshots. You know you love them, yet when the time comes around to getting them, it’s the most stressful and time consuming thing to find a photographer and actually do it. No worries ladies and gents. I’ve got some tips for ya! I’ve been doing friends’ headshots since high school and now that I go...