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This could easily be a warning for life too, but if it were for my life, right now, in this moment, I would only add (quickly) to the end of it. Such words of wisdom as a by product of art (Jim Hodges’s skinny dipping disco ball at Gladstone Gallery)!


Thanks again to David and The Two Percent for curating the basis for our first Dd Think Tank!

Written by Candice Thompson

After more than a decade in Brooklyn, Candice Thompson is now an Atlanta-based artist and writer. Prior to dancing with the Milwaukee Ballet Company and ad hoc Ballet, she trained with Kee Juan Han at the School of Ballet Arizona and NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She founded LOLAstretch Dancewear in 2000 and has designed costumes for a variety of theater and dance companies across the country. She recently received a masters degree in Literary Nonfiction from Columbia University’s Creative Writing Program and more of her dance writing can be found in the pages of Dance Magazine, Pointe, and Dance Teacher.