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Banana Bread is like Chili–everyone has a their own version and stands by it.  So I begin, what I hope will be a lively conversation and recipe swap on Banana Bread, with what I consider to be the simplest, most minimal recipe.  It comes from a good friend and former roommate, Melissa Sandvig, and it involves very few ingredients beyond your brown bananas.  I think we used to buy bananas with the intention of letting them rot so Melissa would be so inspired to bake when she got up in the morning.  I know I woke up Wednesday morning so inspired………

Click on an image below to open up the slide show with the simple recipe and directions.

My favorite variations, which I used in this latest batch are:

*Putting batter into muffin tin instead of loaf pan.  I like the individual portions and it also takes less time to cook!

* 1 egg. (But it is great to know that if you are out, you don’t need it and it will be vegan)

*Substitute 1 c flour with 1 c oats.

* 1/2 c butterscotch chips and 1/2 chopped chocolate.

* 1/2 c chopped walnuts.

* 1/4 c flax seeds.

The beauty is that none of this is necessary and it is just as tasty plain or with the kitchen sink.  It just depends on what is in your pantry on that day.  What is in your banana bread?

Written by Candice Thompson

After more than a decade in Brooklyn, Candice Thompson is now an Atlanta-based artist and writer. Prior to dancing with the Milwaukee Ballet Company and ad hoc Ballet, she trained with Kee Juan Han at the School of Ballet Arizona and NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She founded LOLAstretch Dancewear in 2000 and has designed costumes for a variety of theater and dance companies across the country. She recently received a masters degree in Literary Nonfiction from Columbia University’s Creative Writing Program and more of her dance writing can be found in the pages of Dance Magazine, Pointe, and Dance Teacher.