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Brittany swiped her Metro Card through the turnstile. She was running fifteen minutes behind her well-planned schedule.

She hurried down a flight of stairs to the platform. Her adrenaline pushed her to move faster but carelessly. Halfway to her destination, she collided with a middle-aged woman hurrying in the opposite direction. The two paused to exchange quick glares, then went their separate ways.

Once she was securely on the train, Brittany reached down to grab her travel mug of coffee. The mug was gone. It had hooked itself onto the other woman’s tote bag, and was on its way back out to the streets of Manhattan.

Written by Stephanie Wolf

Stephanie Wolf

An Atlanta native, Stephanie Wolf has performed professionally with the Minnesota Ballet, James Sewell Ballet, the Metropolitan Opera, and Wonderbound (formerly Ballet Nouveau Colorado). She has a BA in Liberal Studies from St. Mary’s College of California. Her writing has been published in national and regional media outlets, including Dance Informa, Indianapolis Star, and the Twin Cities Daily Planet. Currently, Stephanie lives in Denver, where she is a public radio producer and reporter. She loves bluegrass, cooking, Netflix, and owls.