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I love Facebook!

There I said it.

But this post isn’t about FB, it’s about my garden. I do not live on FB,  and I’ve even  flirted deactivation a couple  of times. But, reconnecting with  an old friend is a magical moment indeed and there is no better tool for this than Facebook.  Maybe it’s the new business, or maybe I’m just at that age, but recently I have come to know, again, some brilliant and wonderful people.  But, while messaging on FB is “convenient”, there is nothing like a good ‘ol American chat on the phone to catch up.  Partially because it’s summer,  these marathon reacquaints give me a great opportunity to mind the garden while talking with an old friend.  Here are a few pictures of what I been able to produce so far this season in our tiny urban garden:






In the foreground, Thai Basil. In the background… Basil Basil.






Can you see the first little squashes growing here?  –>







These guys were seeds a year ago.




This WILL be a pumpkin by the Fall.  Hopefully I can reclaim my pumpkin glory from days of yore!



Finally, my attempt at hops.  If they survive the winter they will a great addition, visually and aromatically, to the garden next year.  I may even try to learn how to make them “beerable”.  Get it?!


I will be sure to update everyone as the season progresses.

Thanks old friend!

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Written by Aaron Ingley

Aaron Ingley, originally from Tallahassee, Florida, began his training at the Southern Academy of Ballet Arts and Tallahassee Ballet. Aaron completed his professional training at Pacific Northwest Ballet School in Seattle, WA, where he performed with that company at the 1999 Edinburgh Festival. He was also featured as Tom Snout in PNB’s production of George Balanchine’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream produced for the BBC. He performed professionally with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre for nine seasons. A versatile dancer, Aaron was featured in numerous classical and contemporary roles and served as the company’s Principal Character Artist during that time.

A consummate innovator, Aaron pushes the boundaries, helping expand the ways in which art is conceptualized and defined through the use of film and by training the next generation of dancers to combine fundamental technique with the fine art of performing. Aaron is a renaissance man of sorts; in addition to ballet, Aaron is a professional actor, a founding partner of MDK Studios, CEO of Barre LLC, and holds degrees in History and General Management from University of Pittsburgh. MDK Studios produces video for local nonprofit organizations and independent films. Barre LLC is a gourmet nutrition foods company that markets and distributes real food bars to fuel ballet and the performing arts.

In his free time he is an avid cyclist and enjoys creating delicious, healthy snacks in the kitchen with Julia. He especially loves tasting all the delicious, healthy snacks he creates, and testing their effectiveness while riding the trails! He wishes to give a shout out to his two cats, Sadler McCorvey Sr. and Dita.