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There is absolutely nothing wrong with indulging in your inner child’s needs every now and then. This is why I have no problem disclosing the truth about my Harry Potter obsession. I have been an HP fan for over a decade. Go ahead and mock if you wish, but I am proud of my silly addiction. Needless to say, I have been anticipating the opening of the first installment for the seventh movie. Last night, technically early this morning, I attended the midnight showing of Harry Potter 7 with my friend Ashley, an equally enthusiastic Harry Potter ‘junkie.’

The movie was showing in every auditorium of the UWS theater; each showing was sold out!

Midnight showings at theaters, located all over Manhattan, were sold out. I bought my tickets Monday night, which almost proved to be disastrous as theater after theater appeared to have no tickets left. Ashley and I got to the theater an hour before the start and there was already a line wrapped around 84th Street.

It was lovable insanity. People came out in their Harry Potter garb, ready for a good show. The crowds were insane, as was the post show rush to the 1 Train. Yet, the two of us had beaming smiles as we walked to the train at 3 in the morning. Of course, we are left with a cliff-hanger of an ending, and now must wait impatiently for the next installment, scheduled to be released in July. The torture!

Written by Stephanie Wolf

Stephanie Wolf

An Atlanta native, Stephanie Wolf has performed professionally with the Minnesota Ballet, James Sewell Ballet, the Metropolitan Opera, and Wonderbound (formerly Ballet Nouveau Colorado). She has a BA in Liberal Studies from St. Mary’s College of California. Her writing has been published in national and regional media outlets, including Dance Informa, Indianapolis Star, and the Twin Cities Daily Planet. Currently, Stephanie lives in Denver, where she is a public radio producer and reporter. She loves bluegrass, cooking, Netflix, and owls.