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Foam Rollers are a popular item among dancers. They come in all shapes and sizes; the shorter, thicker, and darker they are the more intense your foam rolling experience. Half- size and skinny foam rollers are better for smaller muscle groups.

To use a foam-roller, simply relax the body part you intend to roll on over the foam roller, breathe, and let your body sink into it.

Foam rolling is excellent to lengthen and relax muscle tissue, specifically on the IT band, calves, and spine. Erika Kalkan, a faculty member of the Harkness Center for Dance Injuries, suggests foam rolling after class, once the muscles are warm, to reap the most benefit. However if the muscles are already tight before class, you should foam roll before and after class to prevent further tightness.

You can find foam rollers at most athletic stores.

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Written by Alexandra Pinel

Alexandra Pinel is a choreographer, dancer and arts administrator from Paris, France. She graduated from George Washington University, in DC, with a BA in Dance and Art History with honors. Allie dances with Movement of the People Dance Company and for Amy Jacobus Projects and was a recipient of the Maida Withers Dance Construction Company Award for Innovation in Dance and a Luther Rice Research Fellowship to study dance in Berlin, Germany.
Most recently, Alexandra choreographed a music video for Chinese punk band Re-TROS and had her dance film for the anniversary of the Rite of Spring featured on NPR radio’s blog. Mrs Pinel works at the Harkness Center For Dance Injuries and for choreographer Luciana Achugar. She is also a member of the Junior Committee of Dance/NYC.