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I jokingly like to refer to this time of my year as “Doodle Season.” For two years now, I’ve helped out with this awesome project called National Doodle Day where actors/celebrities/artists doodle little drawings on note cards. From May 9 -19, all of the drawings are auctioned off on eBay to raise money for research into a disease called Neurofibromatosis (NF). This year, we were lucky enough to get some dancers in on the action with the awesome Allison DeBona (“Breaking Pointe”) and 2 “Bunheads” cast members, Bailey Buntain and Matisse Love!

I love being a part of this project not only because it raises a lot of money for NF research, but also because of the creative aspect. It’s always fun to see what everyone comes up with for their drawings when they’re really given no parameters. A doodler can draw whatever they’d like using pencil, charcoal, paint, crayons, markers, etc to complete their creation.  In addition to the awesome dance-inspired doodles, this year I’m loving the drawings from Sarah Paulson, Jorge Garcia, Piper Anderson-Klotz, Scott Adsit, and so many more.

Head on over to eBay to view all of the amazing doodles! You’ll be supporting a great cause!

Also, who doesn’t want some more fun art for their house?

Happy bidding!

Written by Meghan Wilson

Meghan Wilson

Meghan is an actor originally from Atlanta, GA, though she is probably the least Southern person you’ll ever meet. She spent the majority of her childhood in dance studios, before discovering that speaking onstage is awesome. She went to school at Northwestern University in Chicago, majoring in Theater and Art History. Her Chicago theater credits include A Fairy Tale Life with Emerald City Theatre Company as well as productions of The Robot Show, Stages of Grief, and Cherrywood at Northwestern. She performed in a workshop production of Alien Child at T. Schreiber Studios in NYC. Film work includes the comedic short In Love With a Nun and The Detention Teacher. You may also have seen her roller skating in a McDonald’s commercial, crying about being cyber bullied in Mississippi schools, or missing her basketball coach in a Jeep commercial. Meghan writes for her own blog as well, Bohemian Butterflies. A fan of Macy’s coupons, she also makes a mean collage and loves her DSLR camera. Currently, Meghan lives in LA, where she is constantly on the hunt for almond milk lattes.