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I don’t know if this qualifies as a blog post.  It’s more of eulogy…but nobody died:

With this week’s announcement of the retirement of Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Principal Dancer Erin Halloran, the dance world has lost a gem.  Read more in this Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article.

Erin danced professionally for over 20 years, and is my favorite dancer of all time (besides Julia)!  A bold statement I know, but true.  Erin’s dancing is the picture of flawless technique and effortless poise—qualities that all of us in the craft should aspire to.

Sometimes you can just tell when a dancer has really thought about it and really cares, you know?.

I had the privilege of dancing with Erin in a number of roles, and many of these moments I reflect on as highlights of my ballet career. I would love to share with you the photo of Erin and I from Lynn Taylor-Corbett’s More Than a Song, but sadly my archives and Google searches leave me empty handed.  Instead I leave you with the following images:












Oh yeah, and you know how we’re always bitching about what we sacrifice to pursue life as a dancer—like having kids?  During her career Erin graced this world with two stellar children, Aidan and Leo, while still performing at the top of her game—an inspiration and example to anyone in any field of the ideal work-life balance. Erin, you’ve made me a believer.  You can have it all!

I’ve no apologies for this shameless love fest except to say that I may have jumped the gun a little.  This post will be rendered null and void if I can pull Erin out of retirement for the annual Dancers’ Trust performance or Texture Contemporary Ballet’s summer season(more on those later), thus proving me a liar…and a very happy man.


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Written by Aaron Ingley

Aaron Ingley, originally from Tallahassee, Florida, began his training at the Southern Academy of Ballet Arts and Tallahassee Ballet. Aaron completed his professional training at Pacific Northwest Ballet School in Seattle, WA, where he performed with that company at the 1999 Edinburgh Festival. He was also featured as Tom Snout in PNB’s production of George Balanchine’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream produced for the BBC. He performed professionally with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre for nine seasons. A versatile dancer, Aaron was featured in numerous classical and contemporary roles and served as the company’s Principal Character Artist during that time.

A consummate innovator, Aaron pushes the boundaries, helping expand the ways in which art is conceptualized and defined through the use of film and by training the next generation of dancers to combine fundamental technique with the fine art of performing. Aaron is a renaissance man of sorts; in addition to ballet, Aaron is a professional actor, a founding partner of MDK Studios, CEO of Barre LLC, and holds degrees in History and General Management from University of Pittsburgh. MDK Studios produces video for local nonprofit organizations and independent films. Barre LLC is a gourmet nutrition foods company that markets and distributes real food bars to fuel ballet and the performing arts.

In his free time he is an avid cyclist and enjoys creating delicious, healthy snacks in the kitchen with Julia. He especially loves tasting all the delicious, healthy snacks he creates, and testing their effectiveness while riding the trails! He wishes to give a shout out to his two cats, Sadler McCorvey Sr. and Dita.