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There’s a part of me that will always have a certain child-like wonder when it comes to pointe shoes.   Do you remember how very much you longed to go up on pointe, and what a big deal it was to find your very first pair?  To sew on the ribbons and rise up to your tip toes for the very first time?  Maybe I am just extra sentimental, but I was pretty much in awe of pointe shoes from roughly age 7 to 12.  But blisters, bunions and aching arches replaced the mystery and excitement over dancing on pointe.  By the time I was a teenager I loathed having to sew up a new pair and did just about everything short of taking a blow torch to my shoes to make them softer and more comfortable.

And yet, there is still a part of me that just adores pointe shoes for their sheer beauty and craftsmanship.  There’s something magical about the perfect pair and in a small way, seeing a new pair kind of makes me feel like a kid again.  I remember all the excitement and the impatience as I anxiously waited to go to Capezio’s and get fitted for my first pair.  I remember the scent of Baaaalerina Wool and how I used to try to flatten the boxes by placing them under my iron bedposts.  I remember that my first pair of shoes were Capezio Ultimos and I kinda hated them because they were Pepto-Bismal pink.

All in all, I think pointe shoes have a special significance to most ballet dancers and this simple DIY is in honor of that.  Again, I wanted to upcycle dance items I already had but wasn’t going to use to create something new and unique.  And so I give you my pointe shoe wreath!
This was made with shoes that I had left over from my pro dancing days.  They were bought for me by the company I was dancing with and I didn’t actually end up wearing them much at all.  I’m never going to use them, so I decided to give them new purpose as my own special wall decor.  A little bit cheesy, yes.  But every time I look at it I remember my youthful excitement over pointe shoes.
Simply find a sturdy piece of cardboard (mine was the base of a flat of water bottles.)  Cut into a doughnut shape.  Remove ribbons from pointe shoes and hot-glue in circular shape to cardboard.  Hang and enjoy!

Written by Heather Toner

Heather Toner

Heather danced with the Mandalone Company, Milwaukee Ballet, Ballet Austin and the California Contemporary Ballet before hanging up her pointe shoes to explore other ventures where eating was more encouraged and her hair need not be in a bun. She has an english degree from UCLA, and is the manager of social media and promotions for The Music Center; Los Angeles’ premier center for the performing arts. When not blogging, tweeting and instagramming about her passion for the arts, Heather enjoys making short films, all kinds of crafting and discovering new artists in the City of Angels.