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1. MadArt’s Ondine.

What’s not to like when  a choreographer, Lauren Camp (director of dance at MadArt), A composer Alex Weston, pianist Salome Scheidegger , Iktus Percussion and a visual artist, Chaz Gansterall of whom share outstanding resumes (including Chaz who previously worked with Eiko and Koma)– collaborate on a new work?

On May 23rd and 24th, MadArt, “a multi-disciplinary performing arts company dedicated to engaging communities through arts programming and events planning”, is premiering their most recent work, ONDINE, at Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center in Lower East Side.

An impressive undertaking, ONDINE is specifically a performance about “finding serenity in an over-stimulated world.” Santino Lo, the director and producer of MadArt, came up with this idea while listening to Ravel’s Gaspard de la nuit on the Times Square subway platform.  The peace and calm he experienced in the midst of such chaos pointed to a disconnect. He shared the idea with his collaborators and they began working on their segments of the project alone before eventually joining forces.

So warm-up your senses and be prepared for full stimulation- you surely won’t be disappointed.

Click here to purchase tickets.


2. DD Dorvillier’s A Catalogue of Steps.

A FREE show at Danspace Project this Wed 5/21 (plus 5/28, and 6/4) 12p-3p and this Friday 5/23 at 7p. Come watch a kaleidoscope of fragments from a fifteen year span of Dorviller’s work.


Written by Alexandra Pinel

Alexandra Pinel is a choreographer, dancer and arts administrator from Paris, France. She graduated from George Washington University, in DC, with a BA in Dance and Art History with honors. Allie dances with Movement of the People Dance Company and for Amy Jacobus Projects and was a recipient of the Maida Withers Dance Construction Company Award for Innovation in Dance and a Luther Rice Research Fellowship to study dance in Berlin, Germany.
Most recently, Alexandra choreographed a music video for Chinese punk band Re-TROS and had her dance film for the anniversary of the Rite of Spring featured on NPR radio’s blog. Mrs Pinel works at the Harkness Center For Dance Injuries and for choreographer Luciana Achugar. She is also a member of the Junior Committee of Dance/NYC.