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James Baldwin

James Baldwin

1. New York Live Arts Second Annual Live Ideas Festival: James Baldwin, This Time!

There are so many interesting events at this festival that it’s hard to know where to start! With performances by dancers, musicians, actors, as well as readings, discussions, and video, there is more than any one person could see. While I’m excited about the events themselves, I’m equally excited to see the potential for the now two year-old organization fully realized, bringing new audiences to dance performances, but also bringing dance to a larger critical discussion. It’s just one of the many ways to engage with the ideas and work of James Baldwin.

April 23-27. See website for full event listings and details. Though the festival pass is sold out, members get a 20% discount on individual shows. 


2. Levi Gonzalez at the Chocolate Factory

Levi Gonzalez makes work that straddles the line between funny and poignant. His dances have made me laugh out loud—but they’ve also stayed with me long after I left the theater. His description of his latest work, “The Craft of the Father,” about sentience and the sensory experience, indicates that he’ll be continuing in this vein, exploring serious ideas with integrity, but also with a sense of humor. Performed by Gonzalez, Kayvoun Pourazar, and Eleanor Smith.

April 23-26. $15. Chocolate Factory Theater, Long Island City, Queens.

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Written by Claire Salant

Claire Salant discovered dance when she was six years old in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She moved to New York to go to Barnard College, where she studied history, math, and dance. She is freelance dancer in New York, academic teacher to students of all ages, and she occasionally finds ways to combine the two. Currently she is working through a dance injury, and is therefore engaging the dance world off her feet rather than on them!