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Lesson #3: Find Time for Yourself (aka schedule break time…seriously)

If you’ve been there then you know! If you haven’t then let me tell you… once you get a business going it rolls and rolls.   There’s always something to do, and it’s always your responsibility to do it.  Take Barre for example.  My day goes something like this:

Wake up, check email, take shower,  check email, fire up Quick Books, check online orders, log online orders into Quick Books, check email, call packaging guy in California, call printer about Barre posters, make customer service phone call to dance store in Egypt, take inventory, pack orders to ship,  read ingredient supplier catalog, take phone order, check email, make delivery to food co-op, miss call from packaging guy in California, ship orders,  pick up Barre posters from printer, call lawyer about that thing, check email, eat breakfast.

Get it.

So it’s really important to take some time for yourself.  If you remember one of my first posts, way back from last summer, then you know that I like to garden. I’ll take a half hour break during the day and check on the garden, water if needed, and generally check out the work that I’ve done there.  This is very important in order to keep a level head and stay grounded.  Julia and I tend to work on Barre late in to the evening because that’s the only time we have to work together after she gets home from ballet, so garden time is Aaron time.  And it’s very worthwhile with the craziness of running a small business.  It’s good for any of us who are full tilt life participants and who demand hectic schedules.

Here’s a picture of another break time activity:

break time

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Written by Aaron Ingley

Aaron Ingley, originally from Tallahassee, Florida, began his training at the Southern Academy of Ballet Arts and Tallahassee Ballet. Aaron completed his professional training at Pacific Northwest Ballet School in Seattle, WA, where he performed with that company at the 1999 Edinburgh Festival. He was also featured as Tom Snout in PNB’s production of George Balanchine’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream produced for the BBC. He performed professionally with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre for nine seasons. A versatile dancer, Aaron was featured in numerous classical and contemporary roles and served as the company’s Principal Character Artist during that time.

A consummate innovator, Aaron pushes the boundaries, helping expand the ways in which art is conceptualized and defined through the use of film and by training the next generation of dancers to combine fundamental technique with the fine art of performing. Aaron is a renaissance man of sorts; in addition to ballet, Aaron is a professional actor, a founding partner of MDK Studios, CEO of Barre LLC, and holds degrees in History and General Management from University of Pittsburgh. MDK Studios produces video for local nonprofit organizations and independent films. Barre LLC is a gourmet nutrition foods company that markets and distributes real food bars to fuel ballet and the performing arts.

In his free time he is an avid cyclist and enjoys creating delicious, healthy snacks in the kitchen with Julia. He especially loves tasting all the delicious, healthy snacks he creates, and testing their effectiveness while riding the trails! He wishes to give a shout out to his two cats, Sadler McCorvey Sr. and Dita.