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Bunheads will air for the second time on ABCFamily tonight. On the last episode the main character, Michelle (Sutton Foster), became disillusioned with her career as a professional dancer and wound up entering a major transition, via her shotgun wedding and the road trip to that followed. Fortunately for the viewing audience, her new husband dies at the end of the episode – so we will not have to experience the intended awkwardness of their relationship any longer – whew!!

Sutton Foster as a Vegas Showgirl

The ballet characters are predictable; hopefully they will develop as the season progresses. My fingers are crossed that Michelle’s transition proves to be interesting as well. So far, I like her relationship with her feisty mother-in-law, Fanny, but I can’t decide whether I will love it or hate it if she discovers she’s pregnant from the single time she and the belated had relations–but I’m definitely getting ahead of myself!

Tonight’s episode will revolve around the response to the tragedy and loss created by death in the tiny town of Paradise, and will apparently contain some very pretty dancing. I will be watching and tweeting. Follow me and join the conversation: @kristinstorey @diydancer #Bunheads

Preview the next episode here:


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Written by Kristin Storey

Kristin grew up in Orange County, CA. She began dance at age six, trained in Long Beach with David Wilcox, and went on to dance with Milwaukee Ballet, Boston Ballet, and the Suzanne Farrell Ballet – the latter of which was her favorite, affording the chance to travel, indulge in the work of Balanchine, and perform at the Edinburgh Festival. After five years of pursuing ballet as a career, Kristin moved back to California to be near family and explore life outside the studio. The exploration proved to be challenging, and five years later the journey remains challenging, but she remains committed to finding her way into a life that is inspiring and abundant. She lives in Costa Mesa, CA where she teaches fitness at Cardio Barre and classical ballet to children. She loves to cook, eat good food, dream up ideas for decorating her apartment, spend time with her husband, and anticipate the arrival the arrival of the baby growing in her belly.