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Recently we’ve been busy testing out the final recipe for Black Swan. Yes, I repeat, BLACK SWAN!!! That is the name of our sinful-tasting, healthy-in-disguise second flavor! We’ve had our dancer team approve every permutation and I think we’ve pretty much honed in on what it should taste like! So I guess you could say that right now it’s mid-way through the third act of Swan Lake, and this baby’s about to storm out of the wings! I can’t wait for you all to try it. Here are some shots of the process:


Three different versions were taste-tested on this particular instance…


Big chunks of yummy. I’ll give you a hint:  it’s a cocoa-cranberry-hempseed-plosion in your mouth. It’s good. Let’s just say the photo is blurry to protect our trade secrets at this point (not because of an excitement-induced shaky hand!)


The next time, several days later, we made four variations:


Note the paralysis of choice:


Here’s a better food porn shot. Yum. This is the juncture when it’s important to remember not to eat huge chunks of it in the name of “making sure it tastes right”.


Some members of the team were working harder than others throughout the process…


But everyone has a valuable role to play!

(cat-sitter/taste-testers are crucial)

Bon appetite!




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Written by Julia Erickson

Julia Erickson, originally from Seattle, is a Principal Dancer with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. Julia received her training on a scholarship with Pacific Northwest Ballet School and San Francisco Ballet School. She toured to Europe and Asia with PNB and danced with the Fort Worth Dallas Ballet (now Texas Ballet Theater) for two seasons, prior to joining PBT in 2001. Some of Julia’s favorite roles include Odette/Odile in Swan Lake, The Sylph in La Sylphide, Stompers in Twyla Tharp’s In The Upper Room, Lady Capulet in Jean-Christophe Maillot’s Roméo et Juliette, and the leads in Balanchine’s Who Cares?, Agon, Prodigal Son and Serenade.

Julia is also the creator of Barre, a real food bar made by dancers for everyone. A lover of cooking and self-professed foodie, she’s thrilled to be able to combine her two major passions, ballet and food, in creating Barre. She’s constantly experimenting in the kitchen with that trusty Cuisinart to develop new dancer taste- and performance-tested formulas. In her free time she enjoys practicing yoga, Gyrotonic and Pilates, reading all her old New Yorker magazines that seem to pile up, farmers markets, listening to rap, bluegrass, and Arcade Fire (with the occasional secret sprinkle of Hall and Oats in there as well!), going on bike rides with her partner, Aaron Ingley, and watching The Wire. She is also a senior at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in Political Science and Business. She wishes to thank her friends and family for their incredible love, support, and inspiration, and wishes to implore the citizens of Seattle to bring the Supersonics back to the Emerald City!