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It’s bizarre to be toting around in a car versus the subway. Though, I am finding all sorts of interesting material/inspiration to create more vinettes – What would the west coast equivalent be? Stories on the LA highway? Stories from the coffee shop; everyone’s a performer? Stories from the Santa Monica Pier? (Well, I’m heading there today, so I shall find out soon) Hmmm, I’m doing so much traveling lately . . . and while, I have an exuberant amount of writing to do for Wetpaint, Dance Informa, and school, I find myself scribbling down these little bits of life. So, here you go cyberspacers – more thoughts from my head.


An Old Fashion Love Song

On a rainy Wednesday evening, Sally rode the subway home. She fidgeted anxiously in her seat. At 125th Street, a strikingly handsome man entered the train. He wore a pirate costume and carried a mandolin. With grace and ease, he started into an assortment of swash-buckling lyrics.

When his performance was complete, the pirate removed his hat and took a sweeping bow. He moved about the subway car accepting donations. Sally had no cash to give the pirate, but she offered her heart. She enjoyed Manhattan’s bounty of subway entertainers, yet she never dreamed of falling in love with one.

Written by Stephanie Wolf

Stephanie Wolf

An Atlanta native, Stephanie Wolf has performed professionally with the Minnesota Ballet, James Sewell Ballet, the Metropolitan Opera, and Wonderbound (formerly Ballet Nouveau Colorado). She has a BA in Liberal Studies from St. Mary’s College of California. Her writing has been published in national and regional media outlets, including Dance Informa, Indianapolis Star, and the Twin Cities Daily Planet. Currently, Stephanie lives in Denver, where she is a public radio producer and reporter. She loves bluegrass, cooking, Netflix, and owls.