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It’s the time of year to start thinking about holiday gifts for your friends and family! I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get stumped on gift ideas. It’s difficult to buy clothes for someone else, unless you know their style and sizing really well, so I find it’s best to stick to jewelry, accessories, and fun little house items. The choices above are likely geared more towards girlfriends, moms, and the ladies in general. But if you happen to know a guy who would appreciate an Anthropologie mug or some nice Sabon cream, well, you hold on to him.

1) Anthropologie Homegrown Monogram Mug  $8

There’s not much I love more than a good coffee cup. I was actually given one of these mugs as a birthday present and thought it was such a great gift. Pair it with some loose leaf tea or a bag of coffee and your gift purchasing is done.

2) Vanessa Mooney Evil Eye Bracelet  $60

Bracelets are always a nice gift for friends and I’m really digging evil eye bracelets at the moment.

3) West Elm Dipped Blue Jewelry Holder  $19

Who wouldn’t want a fake hand to hold your rings and bracelets?

4) Ikat Print Apron  $28

Including an apron in a gift guide would never have occurred to me before, but an apron would have come in handy on Thanksgiving. Once you’re cooking in something other than pajamas, you realize the benefit of aprons.

5) Shashi Luna Bracelet  $13.50

A sweet, simple bracelet perfect for layering.

6) Sabon Butter Cream  $16

NYC based Sabon is a favorite of mine for bath soaps and lotions. It always feels nice to splurge a little bit on bath products.

7) Pure & Good Hand Duo  $34

I think a nice soap and lotion set always looks fancy sitting next to a sink. And really, who doesn’t want to be fancy?

8) Extended Capacity Battery iPhone Case  $28.57

A highly practical and helpful gift. I don’t know about anyone else, but it seems my iPhone battery lasts less and less since I updated to the latest software.

9) ASOS Lightweight Oversized Knitted Beanie  $10.55

Beanies are practically uniform in LA, but I’m told they wear them in other cities too…

10) West Elm Favorite Throw  $19

Who doesn’t love to curl up in a soft throw blanket? I could pretty much live in a draped blanket if it didn’t make me look like a crazy person who’s constantly cold.

11) ASOS Passport Holder  $14.07

For the jet setter in your life.

12) West Elm Brights Tin  $16.95

Candles are always a good gift.

13) Smashbox Studio Pop for Lips $26

What is the holidays without lip gloss sets I ask you?

*Stay tuned for more gift guides for the gents and those who don’t share my love of lip gloss and fake hand jewelry holders!

Written by Meghan Wilson

Meghan Wilson

Meghan is an actor originally from Atlanta, GA, though she is probably the least Southern person you’ll ever meet. She spent the majority of her childhood in dance studios, before discovering that speaking onstage is awesome. She went to school at Northwestern University in Chicago, majoring in Theater and Art History. Her Chicago theater credits include A Fairy Tale Life with Emerald City Theatre Company as well as productions of The Robot Show, Stages of Grief, and Cherrywood at Northwestern. She performed in a workshop production of Alien Child at T. Schreiber Studios in NYC. Film work includes the comedic short In Love With a Nun and The Detention Teacher. You may also have seen her roller skating in a McDonald’s commercial, crying about being cyber bullied in Mississippi schools, or missing her basketball coach in a Jeep commercial. Meghan writes for her own blog as well, Bohemian Butterflies. A fan of Macy’s coupons, she also makes a mean collage and loves her DSLR camera. Currently, Meghan lives in LA, where she is constantly on the hunt for almond milk lattes.